Heading to a Nordic farm

After saying goodbye Stockholm, I had a free getaway to the countryside of Sweden. I really couldn’t demand more, because this is the place that I’ve always wanted to go back, and the visit didn’t fail me at all.

In summer 2012, before going back to Vietnam, I registered for a volunteer program called WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) in Flen, a small commune in the southeast of Stockholm with beautiful natural surroundings!

I spent 10 days working as a farmer here, so basically I did everything on the farm like taking care of the horses, cleaning the stable, feeding the lambs and gardening.

Two years later, in August 2014, I came back to visit them. This is the first glance of the lambs when I just came back. They were too shy, so they ran away when I got close to them.


But then I tried to be nice to them, talked to them very delicately and fed them with food, they came to me as if they recognized an old friend :-)

Last time when I was here, it was still very cold so I could only see apple flowers blossom. But this time apple trees in the garden are full of apples! My host even made some apple pie for me with those apples harvested in our own garden.


At my WWOOF host, we were not only farming but also sharing our best memories together, and I'm sure that no one can be bored living here for their whole life.

Text and photos by Thuy Duong Pham


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