My magical Tivedstorp

Happy to have found Tivedstorp on WWOOF Sweden, and happy to have been able to spend some time and gotten to know the people behind the place. Each and every one unique and with a big heart. There’s even a lovely girl, Lovisa and her dog Pekko that live in a Tipi! It’s a historical place, with lots of ties to the local village, which makes it very special.

Days pass by very slowly at Tivedstorp, there is no sense of time. You can spend hours roaming around the forests listening to the nature sounds and swimming in the lakes. It’s located by one of the most beautiful national parks in Sweden, which makes the nature very diverse.

I had a wonderful surprise of sheering the sheep old-school style with scissors, it’s a really calm way to sheer the sheep and a great bonding experience. I then worked on preparing the vegetable garden, through Seymor’s deep-bed technique. It was interesting to try out a new technique and to be able to read books and discuss with Martin and Lisa what their ideas were. I really enjoyed working on this “project” because of the creativity involved. It was a real pleasure to learn about the deep-beds and everything else! It’s a magical place.



Text & photo by Ruby Casellini


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