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WWOOF Sweden 0380

Malmköping, Sweden

The ambition is to create an ecologic garden based on permaculture design principles on a small farm on the ed...


WWOOF Sweden 0000

Vittsjö, Osby, Sweden

Welcome to us - nature and animals are an important part of our lives and a lot of our daily tasks revolve aro...


WWOOF Sweden 0361

Örsundsbro, Sweden

I keep the Swedish rare pig breed Linderödssvin free range on my small farm and refine the meat into high qua...


WWOOF Sweden 0495

Fjärås, Sweden

We combine a vineyard with beekeeping and accommodation, in Fjärås, Sweden. We currently need stronge work ...


WWOOF Sweden 1042

Lammhult, Sweden

Hi! We moved to our farm a year ago. We are still in the beginning of building everything up. The house is nea...


WWOOF Sweden 0082

Storå, Sweden

We are a couple with a long experience of organic farming, since late 70th. Staying with us and give us a help...


WWOOF Sweden 0389

Ås, Sweden

A small ecologic family farm close to Östersund. Garden, forest, our animals and sometime fishing. Projects o...


WWOOF Sweden 0529

Karlshamn, Sweden

Villa Villerkulla is a retreat centre where we hold raw vegan cooking courses and silent retreats. We also hav...


WWOOF Sweden 0170

Floby, Sweden

Saläng is a small farm/ranch breeding quarter and painthorses. We also take guests for tours and trailriding ...


WWOOF Sweden 0322

Diö, Sweden

We live on a farm on the island of Höö, the whole island is a nature reserve and this presents both possibil...


WWOOF Sweden 0778

Rimforsa, Sweden

Garden, Ducks "genbank", a very small Hostel, only summertime Arrange Courses in differnt handcrafts as much ...


WWOOF Sweden 0539

Hallen, Sweden

A farm on a promontory in the Storsjön lake in the central of Jämtland, Here we are changing our old cow far...


WWOOF Sweden 0262

Ödeshög, Sweden

SKOGSLUND is a small farm in the forest, in bikingdistance from a lake. I need help in the potteryworkshop, w...


WWOOF Sweden 0346

Visby, Sweden

Organic gardening - no animals- on a small property on the beautiful island of Gotland. One of Sweden's sunnie...


WWOOF Sweden 0364

Björnlunda, Sweden

We have an organic farm in beautiful Södermanland, just an hour south of Stockholm. We grow vegetables in a h...


WWOOF Sweden 0566

Tyresö, Sweden

An urban permaculture demonstration and learning center in a residential south Stockholm suburb 15 minutes fro...


WWOOF Sweden 0237

Värmlands Nysäter, Sweden

We are a small family that lives and works on a farm in the beautiful nature of Värmland. Our aim is to build...


WWOOF Sweden 0329

Enköping, Sweden

HELP needed from mid-April! We are a small farm where wwoofers help out with a diversity of things.Welcome!


WWOOF Sweden 0240

Jämjö, Sweden

Orranäs Gårdsmejeri is a small farm with diaryproduction. We produce cheese in an old traditional way. The m...


WWOOF Sweden 0279

Ludvika, Sweden

We need help with all kinds of work related to the animals, gardening, cultivation, renovation etc


WWOOF Sweden 0337

Söderköping, Sweden

Two neighbors with a apiary and a dream of forest gardens and to be selfsufficient!


WWOOF Sweden 0067

Vassmolösa, Sweden

Our bio-dynamic farm is located about 20km south of Kalmar. we have 35 dairycows,2500 chickens, 7 sheeps and w...


WWOOF Sweden 0000

Aneby, Sweden

Laggarebo is a small rural farm with sheep, lambs, rabbits and chickens. A shop for pet food and food for far...


WWOOF Sweden 0241

Motala, Sweden

Sinnenas gård is a Herb Garden. We have between 350-400 different sorts of "old" flowers, spieces and he...


WWOOF Sweden 0835

Finnerödja, Sweden

Help needed to a small farm near Örebro


WWOOF Sweden 0058

Björnlunda, Sweden

Biodynamic vegetable garden. We produce a variety of vegetables that we sell via our boxing scheme, a produce...


WWOOF Sweden 0172

Hammerdal, Sweden

Welcome 1 May - 13 May or 15 July - 15 August 2018! I have other wwoofers here at that time. It is not possi...


WWOOF Sweden 0144

Höljes, Sweden

A small farm surrounded by rivers, beautiful hills and endless forest - needs help in august!


WWOOF Sweden 0807

Tystberga, Sweden

Brinkstugan is a small scale farm and homestead about 1h south of Stockholm in Södermanland. We are inspired ...


WWOOF Sweden 1000

Vejbystrand, Sweden

Need urgent help from the middle of March 'til the end of April! Permaculture market garden by the sea.