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WWOOF Sweden 0108

Hörby, Sweden

Family farm with four generation, we have many exciting projects in the on the go, so for those who really wan...


WWOOF Sweden 0937

Kil, Sweden

Mindre gård med framtidsvisioner, annorlunda trädpark, islandshästar och hönor.


WWOOF Sweden 0029

Björklinge, Sweden

We are a certified organic farm growing a large variety of ecological vegetables for our CSA (Consumer Suppo...


WWOOF Sweden 0566

Tyresö, Sweden

An urban permaculture demonstration and learning center in a residential south Stockholm suburb 15 minutes fro...


WWOOF Sweden 1042

Lammhult, Sweden

Hi! We moved to our farm a year ago. We are still in the beginning of building everything up. The house is nea...


WWOOF Sweden 0323

Gnesta, Sweden

Small organic and biodynamic vegetable farm with horses, poultry, dogs and cats! Demeter and Kravcertified ...


WWOOF Sweden 0530

31298, Sweden

If you want to make a change in your life and make the earth to a better place to live on - come and visit us ...


WWOOF Sweden 0822

Storå, Sweden

Masmästargården is a small farm 60 km north of Örebro, where Stig lives. His son Björn runs the farm but l...


WWOOF Sweden 0175

Junsele, Sweden

We are a very happy family living on a historic dairy farm in Norrland with Fjällkor (mountain cows), sheep, ...


WWOOF Sweden 0765

Grängesberg, Sweden

Our farm is an old farm dating from 1600-1700 century and is situated in the northern part of the Bergslagen, ...


WWOOF Sweden 0346

Visby, Sweden

Organic gardening - no animals- on a small property on the beautiful island of Gotland. One of Sweden's sunnie...


WWOOF Sweden 0000

Vittsjö, Osby, Sweden

Welcome to us - nature and animals are an important part of our lives and a lot of our daily tasks revolve aro...


WWOOF Sweden 0539

Hallen, Sweden

A farm on a promontory in the Storsjön lake in the central of Jämtland, Here we are changing our old cow far...


WWOOF Sweden 0237

Värmlands Nysäter, Sweden

We are a small family that lives and works on a farm in the beautiful nature of Värmland. Our aim is to build...


WWOOF Sweden 0375

Tived, Sweden

Welcome to our farm close to Tiveden National Park. We train horses and keep many other farm animals (cows, sh...


WWOOF Sweden 0438

Hörby, Sweden

Small organic farming, (experience since 1974) vegetable cultivation, chicken, ducks, aquaponics, natural swim...


WWOOF Sweden 1021

Gustafs, Sweden

IN SPECIAL NEED OF CARPENTRY KNOWLEDGE: A family farm since mid 16th century. Right now it is in a state of r...


WWOOF Sweden 0417

Mölnbo, Sweden

We have a small organic farm located one hour south of Stockholm. We have 50 sheep and during the summer arou...


WWOOF Sweden 0024

Simrishamn, Sweden

WELCOME to a Permaculture Garden near the Baltc Sea !!! Here we love art,crafts as well as good organic food...


WWOOF Sweden 0112

Köpmannebro, Sweden

A farm near the waterside in the rural environment of Dalsland, renown for it's beauty. Here we aim to protec...


WWOOF Sweden 0082

Storå, Sweden

We are a couple with a long experience of organic farming, since late 70th. Staying with us and give us a help...


WWOOF Sweden 0372


Welcome to a small organic garden in the heart of the county Södermanland.


WWOOF Sweden 0119

Sorunda, Sweden

Small family farm close to Stockholm


WWOOF Sweden 0170

Floby, Sweden

Saläng is a small farm/ranch breeding quarter and painthorses. We also take guests for tours and trailriding ...


WWOOF Sweden 0367

Söderköping, Sweden

Welcome to my little farm with lakes and forrest close by. Here you will find a lot of horses and pigs and hop...


WWOOF Sweden 0104

Laholm, Sweden

Ecological farm with wine production, cattle, sheep with lambs, hens, cats, dog and bees for honeyproductio...


WWOOF Sweden 0242

Sjöbo, Sweden

A big garden in a small farm where I grow vegetables,fruit, berries and flowers mostly for own use. The hen...


WWOOF Sweden 0035

Tidaholm, Sweden

Bossgården is a small farm with vegetable market gardening on 1 acre, about 125 hens for egg production and s...


WWOOF Sweden 0160


A 400 year old farm now returned to its former glory and under the process of becoming a truly sustainable and...


WWOOF Sweden 0067

Vassmolösa, Sweden

Our bio-dynamic farm is located about 20km south of Kalmar. we have 35 dairycows,2500 chickens, 7 sheeps and w...