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WWOOF Sweden 0438

Hörby, Sweden

Small organic farming, (experience since 1974) vegetable cultivation, chicken, ducks, aquaponics, natural swim...


WWOOF Sweden 0518

83293 , Sweden

Organic dairy farm with endangered breeds: cows,chickens, pigs. Vegetable farming for self-supporting, B & B, ...


WWOOF Sweden 0240

Jämjö, Sweden

Orranäs Gårdsmejeri is a small farm with diaryproduction. We produce cheese in an old traditional way. The m...


WWOOF Sweden 0079

Jörn, Sweden

In the north of Sweden we drive a little farm(ca 2 ha) with vegetables and fieldberries. We work with self-su...


WWOOF Sweden 0172

Hammerdal, Sweden

Welcome 22 May - 4 June and 17 July - 31August 2017! I have other wwoofers here at that time. I have lovely ...


WWOOF Sweden 0351

Ronneby, Sweden

Vi har en liten gård och har specialiserat oss på vaktlar/ägg, får, grönsaker/gårdsbutik samt framställ...


WWOOF Sweden 0160


A 400 year old farm now returned to its former glory and under the process of becoming a truly sustainable and...


WWOOF Sweden 0322

Diö, Sweden

We live on a farm on the island of Höö, the whole island is a nature reserve and this presents both possibil...


WWOOF Sweden 0019

Sydkoster, Sweden

Vegetables, fruit, flowers and perrennials. Open beds and greenhouse. Plant selling, farm shop, garden restaur...


WWOOF Sweden 0441

slöinge, Sweden

Hello everyone! We need one person from february on! We have built an American guest ranch. We practice...


WWOOF Sweden 0230

Hjortkvarn, Sweden

- small-scale organic farming, off-grid, forest gardening, permaculture, education, nature conservation - a di...


WWOOF Sweden 0237

Värmlands Nysäter, Sweden

We are a small family that lives and works on a farm in the beautiful nature of Värmland. Our aim is to build...


WWOOF Sweden 0493

Åseda, Sweden

Organic cultivation of vegetables in the open and greenhouses. Small-scale slaughter of rabbits and poultry un...


WWOOF Sweden 0119

Sorunda, Sweden

We have room left in end of August and September. Fruit and berry picking season is here, as well as preparing...


WWOOF Sweden 0100

Brösarp, Sweden

Family farm & Artist´s Residence. Interesting projects and boring routins...like life...on a farm.


WWOOF Sweden 0454

Edsvalla, Sweden

Would you like to help out on our 250 hectar organic farm? Taking care of 400 beef cattle, run a self sufficie...


WWOOF Sweden 0428

Fjärdhundra, Sweden

Welcome to ecofarm 100 km west of Stockholm with great variation of vegetables and bees. We are 3 people and ...


WWOOF Sweden 0538

Runhällen, Sweden

We are at the beginning of a transformation in which we are renovating an old school. Our goal is to change ...


WWOOF Sweden 0337

Söderköping, Sweden

Two neighbors with a apiary and a dream of forest gardens and to be selfsufficient!


WWOOF Sweden 0389

Ås, Sweden

A small ecologic family farm close to Östersund. Garden, forest, our animals and sometime fishing. Projects o...


WWOOF Sweden 0529

Karlshamn, Sweden

Villa Villerkulla is a retreat centre where we hold raw vegan cooking courses and silent retreats. We also hav...


WWOOF Sweden 0242

Sjöbo, Sweden

A big garden in a small farm where I grow vegetables,fruit, berries and flowers mostly for own use. The hen...


WWOOF Sweden 0059

Drottningholm, Sweden

We combine nature, culture and the excitement of Stockholm.


WWOOF Sweden 0807

Tystberga, Sweden

Brinkstugan is a small scale farm and homestead about 1h south of Stockholm in Södermanland. We are inspired ...


WWOOF Sweden 0021

Hamneda, Sweden

Beefcows, forest , 37ha farmland 50ha forest.


WWOOF Sweden 0350

Kristdala, Sweden

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Growing vegetables (more than 100 varieties) on the Swedish countryside...


WWOOF Sweden 0509

Julita, Sweden

Kompistorpet is a small familyrun farm in Julita Södermanland, close to Stockholm. We are a family of four (M...


WWOOF Sweden 0336

Götene, Sweden

Self-sufficiency oriented household of three people, 1-4 wwoofers. Veggies, milking, carpentry...


WWOOF Sweden 0129

Floby, Jäla, Sweden

Wardin´s farm products is a small farm located in the village Jäla 2 mil south of Falköping. The farm is ...


WWOOF Sweden 0453

Sölvesborg, Sweden

Our farm has been farmed in generations by the same family since 1914 and the farming has been conventional du...